The Alcântara Edit: A Photo Journal

Daylight creeps over the city hills, illuminating the pastel façades of Lisbon’s bright, tiled houses.

Alcântara is slowly waking up. The tinkling of coffees being stirred and the clattering of store shutters rolling up float through the chilly autumn air.

This part of the city seems to come to life a little slower than the others; such is the way of life here. Once a small, industrial shipping town, Alcântara is growing, merging gradually with the city itself.

Yet it hasn’t lost its traditional charm. Old and new stand proudly side-by-side, a true representation of the modernism and locality which renders this neighbourhood so unique.

Community and tradition still prevail at the heart of this quickly developing area, which seems to teeter on the brink of a new era.


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All photos in this series were taken on Canon EOS M100 and edited with VSCO.



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The Alcantara Edit: A Photo Journal

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