The Udine Edit: A Photo Journal

A bright, crisp November morning in Udine. As you wander the charming, somewhat Germanic streets, look up: pastel pink mountains frame the city, their snow-topped peaks glinting in the morning sun.

The unique nature of this university city is palpable, its proximity to other European countries tangible. Friuli-Venezia Giulia lies on the mountainous border of Austria and Slovenia; its influence can be found in the city’s architecture, language and cuisine.

Udine is elegant yet traditional, not yet lost to the crowds of tourists which swarm Italy’s larger cities. Community still lies at the heart of the town; as you sit with your coffee, locals greet each other all around you, a warmth drawn from years of companionship. Embrace the more relaxed pace of life here, its slow, sleepy Sundays and large, familial lunches.


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The Udine Edit: A Photo Journal

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