Welcome to Abi's Passport!


My name is Abi: a 23-year-old translator and writer from England, currently living in Lisbon, Portugal. After a degree in Italian and English Literature from the University of Edinburgh, I decided to launch my own freelance translation business, which lets me do what I love while travelling the world. Cool, right?

As a very amateur but very enthusiastic photographer, it’s hard to find me without my babies (aka my Canon EOS M100 or my EOS 1100D) in tow. Other obsessions include: Italy, books, sunflowers, french bulldogs and anything yellow.



1. I was born in France, but I’m not French in the slightest (sadly, bc Brexit – but we don’t mention that)

2. I’ve seen Les Miserables 16 times in the theatre, and I’ve known all the words to the entire script backwards since the age of about 7.

3. My lifelong dreams are to run a printed travel magazine and to own a French Bulldog.

4. I’m completely deaf in one ear. So don’t worry; I’m not ignoring you!

5. Even though I travel so often, I’m actually pretty terrified of flying.



Here on Abi’s Passport, you’ll find everything from travel guides to some of the top destinations around the world, to hopefully-entertaining accounts of a twentysomething still trying to figure it all out.

For questions, collabs, or anything that pops into your head, please drop me an email at abiprowse@googlemail.com.

Happy reading! – Abi x