The Alcântara Edit: A Photo Journal

Daylight creeps over the city hills, illuminating the pastel façades of Lisbon's bright, tiled houses. Alcântara is slowly waking up. The tinkling of coffees being stirred and the clattering of store shutters rolling up float through the chilly autumn air. This part of the city seems to come to life a little slower than the … Continue reading The Alcântara Edit: A Photo Journal

10 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Lisbon

Known for its 9-month long summers and bright winter mornings, it is easy to come a little unstuck on a rainy day in Lisbon. The whole city seems to run for cover, almost shutting down entirely at the first sight of a dark cloud. Gone are the outdoor qiosque café-goers, the tanned beach babes and … Continue reading 10 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Lisbon

The Ultimate Scottish Road Trip

When you live somewhere for a long time, and get stuck into a routine, I find that it's often the sights right on your doorstep that you take for granted; this, unfortunately, was the case with my time in Edinburgh. I reached the end of 4 wonderful years in the city when the sudden realisation … Continue reading The Ultimate Scottish Road Trip

The Ultimate Summer Festival Checklist: A Beginner’s Guide

September has arrived, and while summer seems to have bloomed late here in Portugal, festival season is drawing to a close. Time to woefully pack away the pots of glitter and bum-bags for another year, as you mourn the passing of yet another summer of crowded fields, overheated tents and disposable camera photos. Maybe you’re … Continue reading The Ultimate Summer Festival Checklist: A Beginner’s Guide

6-Day Vancouver Itinerary: A Complete City Guide

Almost unexpectedly, Vancouver stole my heart. While I tend to enjoy pretty much everywhere I visit, my expectations for this glittering Canadian city were almost non-existent; yet I was immediately drawn in by its jaw-dropping scenery, its smiling, friendly locals, and the strange sense of familiarity that you feel, despite having never stepped foot in … Continue reading 6-Day Vancouver Itinerary: A Complete City Guide

A Perfect Lisbon Food Tour

So, you’ve arrived in Lisbon. Maybe your flight had you up in the early hours of the morning; maybe your train was a little delayed; maybe you’re still buzzing with the excitement of exploring an unknown city. Either way, you are HUNGRY. But where do you start? Cities can be overwhelming in their options. It … Continue reading A Perfect Lisbon Food Tour

Edinburgh Pocket Guides: Koyama Sushi

Living directly above Koyama during my final year of university in Edinburgh was a dream. Little-known to tourists, this small, understated sushi restaurant is Japanese-run, with fresh ingredients and impeccable customer service. Walking into the restaurant, you are shown to your table by one of the smiling waiters or waitresses, who are always happy to … Continue reading Edinburgh Pocket Guides: Koyama Sushi

Edinburgh Pocket Guides: Circus Lane

One of the things that renders Edinburgh so special for me is the endless labyrinth of cobbled streets and stone houses that can be found here. Even after living in the city for four years, there’s always an area to stumble across unexpectedly, or a street that takes your breath away, even on the greyest of Scottish … Continue reading Edinburgh Pocket Guides: Circus Lane