A Long Weekend in Brussels: City Guide

Quietly, charmingly, Brussels draws you in. Unlike other European capitals, which are ostentatious in their colour and light, the city waits calmly for you to fall in love with its quaint corner cafes and its gold-plated architectural detailing. Brussels doesn’t ambush your senses with car horns, street performers or roaring traffic; its Northern-European sense of … Continue reading A Long Weekend in Brussels: City Guide

A Perfect Lisbon Food Tour

So, you’ve arrived in Lisbon. Maybe your flight had you up in the early hours of the morning; maybe your train was a little delayed; maybe you’re still buzzing with the excitement of exploring an unknown city. Either way, you are HUNGRY. But where do you start? Cities can be overwhelming in their options. It … Continue reading A Perfect Lisbon Food Tour

Menton: A Little Slice of Italy on the French Riviera

For many, the Côte d'Azur is a symbol of all things fancy. With its sleek, shiny yachts, its tiny, high-end boutiques and its towering yet elegant hotels, the French Riviera is a place for the elite. More frequently visited by families or Instagram influencers, there are few budget travellers who venture to this part of … Continue reading Menton: A Little Slice of Italy on the French Riviera

Discovering the Magic of Venice: The Hotspots

It sounds ridiculously cliché to say that Venice is 'magical' - but, in all honesty, this is the best way to describe it. This floating city (which is actually a man-made island found off the coast of Italy's Veneto region) is utterly unique in its architecture, history, culture and charm; for anyone like me, around … Continue reading Discovering the Magic of Venice: The Hotspots

Bolzano City Guide: A Winter Wonderland

'Bozen' is the German name for the Italian city of Bolzano, found in the Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol region near the Austrian border. This city is famous for a number of reasons, including the mind-boggling fact that it is entirely bilingual. Not only are all the street signs, menus, posters and place names in both Italian and German, but … Continue reading Bolzano City Guide: A Winter Wonderland

Top 3 Paris Spots: A City Guide

The City of Love: for good reason, Paris has long been dubbed one of the most beautiful, romantic and fashionable cities on the planet. As elegant as it is edgy, each arrondissement feels unique in what it has to offer. For most people, as a tourist, it is easy to feel that you have only … Continue reading Top 3 Paris Spots: A City Guide

A Whistle-Stop Guide to Hannover

WHERE TO START Getting around in Hannover (as in any German city) is easy and efficient. The U-Bahn and the S-Bahn lines run regularly, and reach every corner and district. A 'TagesEinzelTicket' will cost you only 5 EUR, and will take you everywhere for the entire day. The best way to see Hannover, however, is … Continue reading A Whistle-Stop Guide to Hannover