Lisbon’s 12 Best-Kept Secrets

Much like a budding romance or newfound relationship, the thrill of moving to a new city lies in getting to know it: finding the hidden spots that aren’t in the guidebooks, and stumbling across a new favourite café or bar each week. Whilst Lisbon has an undeniably large amount to offer even to a first-time … Continue reading Lisbon’s 12 Best-Kept Secrets

The Alcântara Edit: A Photo Journal

Daylight creeps over the city hills, illuminating the pastel façades of Lisbon's bright, tiled houses. Alcântara is slowly waking up. The tinkling of coffees being stirred and the clattering of store shutters rolling up float through the chilly autumn air. This part of the city seems to come to life a little slower than the … Continue reading The Alcântara Edit: A Photo Journal

10 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Lisbon

Known for its 9-month long summers and bright winter mornings, it is easy to come a little unstuck on a rainy day in Lisbon. The whole city seems to run for cover, almost shutting down entirely at the first sight of a dark cloud. Gone are the outdoor qiosque café-goers, the tanned beach babes and … Continue reading 10 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Lisbon

Lisbon’s Bairro Alto: A Complete Guide

Lisbon’s Bairro Alto area is, in some ways, reminiscent of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde; by day, it is a quiet, shady oasis of pastel-fronted houses with delicate iron balconies and dangling flowers. But, by night, the Bairro Alto leaps into action, its seemingly-abandoned houses morphing suddenly into tiny bars and clubs, with people seeping … Continue reading Lisbon’s Bairro Alto: A Complete Guide

A Perfect Lisbon Food Tour

So, you’ve arrived in Lisbon. Maybe your flight had you up in the early hours of the morning; maybe your train was a little delayed; maybe you’re still buzzing with the excitement of exploring an unknown city. Either way, you are HUNGRY. But where do you start? Cities can be overwhelming in their options. It … Continue reading A Perfect Lisbon Food Tour

A Definitive List of Lisbon’s 10 Best Brunches

Recently, a phenomenon has spread around the world like wildfire. Everyone, from all ages and walks of life, has leapt on board the bandwagon of this particular craze; and I'm definitely here for it. The name of this phenomenon? BRUNCH. Originally coined as a term for anyone who woke up too late for breakfast but wasn't … Continue reading A Definitive List of Lisbon’s 10 Best Brunches

Lisbon: A Day in Alcântara

The capital of Portugal is well-known for many things, from its buttery pastries to its sweep of colourful houses. The area of Alcântara, however, is often overlooked. Found roughly 1 mile outside the city centre, and tucked underneath the famous Ponte 25 Abril, this residential neighbourhood is friendly, traditional and worth a visit if you're … Continue reading Lisbon: A Day in Alcântara