Lisbon’s 12 Best-Kept Secrets

Much like a budding romance or newfound relationship, the thrill of moving to a new city lies in getting to know it: finding the hidden spots that aren’t in the guidebooks, and stumbling across a new favourite café or bar each week. Whilst Lisbon has an undeniably large amount to offer even to a first-time … Continue reading Lisbon’s 12 Best-Kept Secrets

The Aveiro Edit: A Photo Journal

Dubbed "The Venice of Portugal" for its passage of canals and its bright, quaintly old-fashioned boats, the similarities seem to end here. For looking past the still waters and mist of magic which overhangs Aveiro, there is a world of culture lurking beneath the surface. Art-nouveau architecture punctuates the typically-Portuguese houses, its ornate swirls and … Continue reading The Aveiro Edit: A Photo Journal

An Evening in Cacilhas, Lisbon

You would hardly expect to find a sleepy little fishing town so close to a thriving capital city; and it is exactly this unexpected rurality that gives Cacilhas its charm. Only a short 5-minute boat ride from Lisbon’s main ferry port, Cacilhas is traditional yet urban: an eclectic mix of the two which renders it … Continue reading An Evening in Cacilhas, Lisbon

10 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Lisbon

Known for its 9-month long summers and bright winter mornings, it is easy to come a little unstuck on a rainy day in Lisbon. The whole city seems to run for cover, almost shutting down entirely at the first sight of a dark cloud. Gone are the outdoor qiosque café-goers, the tanned beach babes and … Continue reading 10 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Lisbon

Lisbon’s Bairro Alto: A Complete Guide

Lisbon’s Bairro Alto area is, in some ways, reminiscent of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde; by day, it is a quiet, shady oasis of pastel-fronted houses with delicate iron balconies and dangling flowers. But, by night, the Bairro Alto leaps into action, its seemingly-abandoned houses morphing suddenly into tiny bars and clubs, with people seeping … Continue reading Lisbon’s Bairro Alto: A Complete Guide

A Perfect Lisbon Food Tour

So, you’ve arrived in Lisbon. Maybe your flight had you up in the early hours of the morning; maybe your train was a little delayed; maybe you’re still buzzing with the excitement of exploring an unknown city. Either way, you are HUNGRY. But where do you start? Cities can be overwhelming in their options. It … Continue reading A Perfect Lisbon Food Tour

A Definitive List of Lisbon’s 10 Best Brunches

Recently, a phenomenon has spread around the world like wildfire. Everyone, from all ages and walks of life, has leapt on board the bandwagon of this particular craze; and I'm definitely here for it. The name of this phenomenon? BRUNCH. Originally coined as a term for anyone who woke up too late for breakfast but wasn't … Continue reading A Definitive List of Lisbon’s 10 Best Brunches

Lisbon: A Day in Alcântara

The capital of Portugal is well-known for many things, from its buttery pastries to its sweep of colourful houses. The area of Alcântara, however, is often overlooked. Found roughly 1 mile outside the city centre, and tucked underneath the famous Ponte 25 Abril, this residential neighbourhood is friendly, traditional and worth a visit if you're … Continue reading Lisbon: A Day in Alcântara