Lisbon’s 12 Best-Kept Secrets

Much like a budding romance or newfound relationship, the thrill of moving to a new city lies in getting to know it: finding the hidden spots that aren’t in the guidebooks, and stumbling across a new favourite café or bar each week. Whilst Lisbon has an undeniably large amount to offer even to a first-time … Continue reading Lisbon’s 12 Best-Kept Secrets

The Aveiro Edit: A Photo Journal

Dubbed "The Venice of Portugal" for its passage of canals and its bright, quaintly old-fashioned boats, the similarities seem to end here. For looking past the still waters and mist of magic which overhangs Aveiro, there is a world of culture lurking beneath the surface. Art-nouveau architecture punctuates the typically-Portuguese houses, its ornate swirls and … Continue reading The Aveiro Edit: A Photo Journal

Hiking the Kobarid Historical Trail, Slovenia

Seeped in historic significance, and basking in a natural beauty that is so unique to Slovenia, lies the town of Kobarid. Nestled into the mountains of the Upper Soča (or Isonzo) Valley, just a short journey from the Italian border, this town is famous mainly for the Battle of Caporetto, which took place in 1917: … Continue reading Hiking the Kobarid Historical Trail, Slovenia

The Udine Edit: A Photo Journal

A bright, crisp November morning in Udine. As you wander the charming, somewhat Germanic streets, look up: pastel pink mountains frame the city, their snow-topped peaks glinting in the morning sun. The unique nature of this university city is palpable, its proximity to other European countries tangible. Friuli-Venezia Giulia lies on the mountainous border of … Continue reading The Udine Edit: A Photo Journal

An Evening in Cacilhas, Lisbon

You would hardly expect to find a sleepy little fishing town so close to a thriving capital city; and it is exactly this unexpected rurality that gives Cacilhas its charm. Only a short 5-minute boat ride from Lisbon’s main ferry port, Cacilhas is traditional yet urban: an eclectic mix of the two which renders it … Continue reading An Evening in Cacilhas, Lisbon

The Alcântara Edit: A Photo Journal

Daylight creeps over the city hills, illuminating the pastel façades of Lisbon's bright, tiled houses. Alcântara is slowly waking up. The tinkling of coffees being stirred and the clattering of store shutters rolling up float through the chilly autumn air. This part of the city seems to come to life a little slower than the … Continue reading The Alcântara Edit: A Photo Journal

The Ultimate Scottish Road Trip

When you live somewhere for a long time, and get stuck into a routine, I find that it's often the sights right on your doorstep that you take for granted; this, unfortunately, was the case with my time in Edinburgh. I reached the end of 4 wonderful years in the city when the sudden realisation … Continue reading The Ultimate Scottish Road Trip

A Long Weekend in Brussels: City Guide

Quietly, charmingly, Brussels draws you in. Unlike other European capitals, which are ostentatious in their colour and light, the city waits calmly for you to fall in love with its quaint corner cafes and its gold-plated architectural detailing. Brussels doesn’t ambush your senses with car horns, street performers or roaring traffic; its Northern-European sense of … Continue reading A Long Weekend in Brussels: City Guide